zoraki 2.5 Blank Revolver (chrome) by blank gun india and airsoft gun india

zoraki 2.5 Blank Revolver (chrome) by blank gun india and airsoft gun india

zoraki 2.5 Blank Revolver (chrome) by blank gun india and airsoft gun india

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zoraki 2.5 Blank Revolver chrome by blank gun india and airsoft gun india
zoraki blank gun is available in india by blank gun india own this blank revolver for very nominal price with any custom issue . product will be delivered to your door steps and you can have fun fun with this real like replica of a blank gun
blank gun now in india is available for movie shoot and other for personal collection
blank gun is legal in India
This fine blank-firing model revolver fires .380 blanks or 9mmPA blanks as fast as you can pull the trigger. The cylinder swings out to load 6 cartridges into it. Features a working shell ejector to expel spent cartridges easily. Operates single and double action. R1 revolvers are built to be extremely reliable and true to their live-fire counterparts.

Item Features
Capacity: 6 Rounds
Weight: 1.5 lb.
Height: 5.51"
Length: 7.3"
Finish: Chrome
Caliber: .380(9mm) or 9mmPA

Rs- 50000
buy this awesome blank gun today

To buy contact
Pankaj kapoor

note :- you need to buy ammo separately this gun sound like real gun and its used in movie and films

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  • Dilawar
    05-11-2016 04:04:19 am

    pls let me know how to purchase this Gun

  • Pravin Singh
    Pravin singh
    26-12-2016 08:37:17 pm

    PLS guide me how to purchase air soft revolver/ pistol to be delivered at LUCKNOW

  • bheda
    27-12-2016 11:40:01 am

    required licence buy this gun? if yes, what processed for licence?

  • shyam
    02-01-2017 07:30:05 pm

    is there any license required to buy this one

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    24-01-2017 02:33:24 am

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