12 g co2 cartridges by airsoft gun india pack of 10

12 g co2 cartridges by airsoft gun india pack of 10

12 g co2 cartridges by airsoft gun india pack of 10

Availability Available
M.R.P. ₹ 3000
Our Price2000
Your Savings₹ 1000
TaxesInclusive All Taxes
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get a pack of 10 co2 cartridges by airsoft gun india . This 12g co2 cartridges are very high quality and stay long even if you store them for a long time . An average 12 g co2 cartridges gives 400 fps to a airsoft gun 
buy this pack of 10 co2 at a very special price of just 2000 and get it shipped to your door steps . you dont have to pay heavy shipping cost from outside india nor custom issue just buy this co2 for airsoft gun and air gun in india 
quantity - 10
price 2000

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