Green gas can by airsoft gun india

Green gas can by airsoft gun india

Green gas can by airsoft gun india

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Green gas can by airsoft gun india

Airsoft gun india present green gas for airsoft gun . Its a 1100 ml green gas can that is used in gas blow back gun . This green gas can are used to give power to the gun . 
a normal green gas powered gun gives 320-350 fps 
buy this awesome 1100 ml green gas can for just Rs-5000
One green gas can generally gives 4000-5000 shots a good gas blow back back gun with this gas can can shoot upto 6000 shots and a normal gas blow back will give 4000-4500 shots 
buy this green gas can for your air gun and airsoft gun in india only with us and get hassel free at your door without custom problem
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  • vineet chaudhary
    Vineet chaudhary
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