Zoraki R1 2.5 inch ( black ) blank revolver by blank firing gun india and airsoft gun india

Zoraki R1 2.5 inch ( black ) blank revolver by blank firing gun india and airsoft gun india

Zoraki R1 2.5 inch ( black ) blank revolver by blank firing gun india and airsoft gun india

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zoraki 2.5 inch blank firing revolver is one of the finest blank firing revolver you can have its a piece of art with amazing looks
its a small compact and awesome revolver it fires 9mm rounds which is as lauod as real one.For the 1st time you can get this blank firing gun india in india
buy it know at special price of Rs-48000

This fine blank-firing model revolver fires .380 blanks or 9mmPA blanks as fast as you can pull the trigger. The cylinder swings out to load 6 cartridges into it. Features a working shell ejector to expel spent cartridges easily. Operates single and double action. R1 revolvers are built to be extremely reliable and true to their live-fire counterparts.
Item Features
Capacity: 6 Rounds
Weight: 1.5 lb.
Height: 5.51"
Length: 7.3"
Finish: Black
Caliber: .380(9mm) or 9mmPA
r /


note - you need to buy ammo separately
this is a blank revolver used in movie and film

29-06-2016 03:25:08 pm

même principe dans le métro de Hong Kong par exempleet c’est le même principe pour les bordures de trottoir hautes dans certaines villes (ex: Europe de l’Est, pour éviter les inondations à la fonte des neiges ou autres)

abhijit nirmale
Abhijit nirmale
06-11-2016 07:39:24 pm

gan is good but price is out of bajeat

04-12-2016 12:17:29 am

I want it but in low price

Abhinav Pratap Singh
Abhinav pratap singh
06-12-2016 03:46:53 pm

All the products are out of stock... My budget is under 20000 for complete package

19-12-2016 10:34:02 am

Tell me about an air gun with a low pric

25-12-2016 11:56:28 am

Interested in buying this but want to know that is it legal to carry it anywhere with me or need to apply for firearms licence for it?

Omprakash sinha
Omprakash sinha
05-01-2017 05:44:28 pm

India me costly kyo hai us me 5to12 thousand me sabhi range mil jata hai par shipping nhi hota isi liye shayad bahut jyada hai price but

17-01-2017 03:39:48 pm

Hello airsoftgun am deepak from delhi.we need any license for this or we can use openly? Can we use in marriage function?

20-02-2017 02:42:44 am

I want 2 buy blank gun .i m in mumbai how can i see this gun im mumbai

lalit kundra
Lalit kundra
14-03-2017 07:17:16 am

Best for self defence

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