Ekol V85 / ekol special 99 Black - Blank Replica Gun in india

Ekol V85 / ekol special 99 Black - Blank  Replica Gun in india

Ekol V85 / ekol special 99 Black - Blank Replica Gun in india

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Ekol V85 Black - Blank  Firing Replica Gun
ekol v85 is an amazing replica gun in budget and in india its not easy to get we present this to your door steps
blank firing gun india and airsoft gun india present it for th 1st time
V85 Black - Blank Firing Replica Gun
Our authentic, full sized, fully operative, blank firing reproduction weighs and feels like the original. It is constructed from durable steel alloy. Load the clip, pull the slide back and pull the trigger. This blank firing gun will produce the same sound, smoke and flame of the original. It fires loud 9mmPA blanks as fast as you can pull the trigger. The loud report of the 9mmPA blank rounds is comparable to live rounds. This replica is fed through an 8 round magazine up through the pistol grip. Its safety switch disables the trigger and prevents the slide from being pulled to its rear position to load a new round. The safety switch can be accessed right or left-handedly. The slide recoils to its rear position as spent cartridges are ejected from the chamber and resets to load the next round. It locks in its rear position upon firing the last round and can be reset with the slide release lever. This replica is perfect for safe training, reenactments, films, and canine training. Used by many military and police organizations for training realistic training scenarios.

Item Features
Capacity: 8+1 Shots
Weight: 1.68 lb
Height: 4.8"
Length: 6.77"
Finish: Black
Caliber: 9mmPA
Includes: 1 Magazine, Hardshell case

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