HFC HG-132 6mm Gas Magnum Revolver (Chrome)

HFC HG-132 6mm Gas Magnum Revolver (Chrome)

HFC HG-132 6mm Gas Magnum Revolver (Chrome)

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HFC HG-132 6mm Gas Magnum Revolver (Chrome) by airsoft gun india
Its an amazing piece of art with magnum design its an awesome revolver you can find with power of 300 fps
1:1 Ratio to the real steel
Full Metal Construction
HFC134aGas Powered System Revolver
Authentic look & finishing
Engraved "Made IN Taiwan" Marking Can be found on Frame
Realistic Bullet Type housing chamber stores 6 Bullet each.
Fully Adjustable Rear Sight
6 Rds Loading Capacity Shell
Length : 245mm
Blow Back : No
Hop-up : Fixed
Shooting Mode : Semi-Automatic
Magazine Capacity : 6 shells
Power (Muzzle Velocity) : 300fps
Rs- 18000
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To buy contact
Pankaj kapoor

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